Display snapshot settings on cPanel snapshot page

Frank Feingold shared this idea 55 days ago
Under Consideration

The cPanel snapshot page currently shows the following text:

A snapshot is a full account backup initiated at a specific point in time. A snapshot does not use your cPanel account disk space as it is stored on your hosting provider's backup storage destination. It is highly recommended to initiate a snapshot of your account before you make any major updates to your website. If your updates fail you can restore your website using a recently created snapshot of your account.

Add another sentence after that with something like the following:

You are allowed to have # snapshots that will be retained for # days. After that time the snapshot will be automatically removed.

The "#" placeholders will be replaced with the settings from the Settings/Snapshots.

This way cPanel users can easily see how many snapshots they are allowed and how long they will be retained.

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Hi Frank,

Thank you for sharing your feature request. We will be bringing it up at our next developers meeting for consideration.

Please note that we use the voting system to gauge the popularity of feature requests. We attempt to prioritize popular feature requests in our development roadmap when possible. We will provide any updates regarding the status of this feature request here.

Thank you,

Richard, JetApps Team.