Update the management console to AlmaLinux.

Rowan Scott shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

There should be an update to JetBackupMC to be compatible with AlmaLinux,


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Hello Rowan,

Thank you for opening your feature request and sharing your idea with us! We will review your request and provide updates accordingly. Please note that we utilize the voting system to gauge demand for new features. The more votes a request has, the more likely it will be up for consideration by our developers.

Thank you,

JetApps Team.


This is a great idea. Centos is going EOL in June and support for a new OS would be great.

I would like to see Ubuntu on the offering for MC if that would be possible?


Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your continued interest and support in JetBackup. We are currently working on supporting JBMC for AlmaLinux 8 and 9 and will provide updates when available. We will consider other OS to support as well, so we appreciate the feedback you all provide.

Best Regards,

The JetApps Team

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