Ability to choose Resellers and sub-accounts

Erika Jameson shared this idea 2 years ago

Hello guys!

JetBackup->Backup Manager->Backup jobs has the Accounts option, that allows you to select which account packages will be backed up whenever the job runs. However, that option is rather useless if what you want is to backup all your accounts separated in different jobs. Why? Let's suppose you give your customers choose between 6 packages, for instance:




Reseller 5

Starter is a very simple and cheap package, so backups are performed only on Saturdays.

Medium backups are performed on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

Advanced backups are performed every day

Reseller 5 are performed only on Sundays

Now, for Reseller 5, this is an impossible task to create. Selecting "By cPanel Resellers" allows you to pick the reseller packages, however, it won't include any sub-accounts. Although you can pick the sub accounts from the list, if you do that, you'd have to update every day by selecting new sub-accounts packages. If you choose "By cPanel Packages" and you select the reseller packages you want, it's the same concept mistake, it'll backup only the main reseller accounts with no sub-accounts.

Hope you find this useful and logic.



PS: I also would suggest you to change Jet<b>Backup</b> to JetBackup, as it's hyper annoying to naturally write jetbackup and having no results at all.

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The "By cPanel Resellers" will backup the reseller account and all his children.

This is why we added the "By cPanel Resellers" option.


Implemented in 3.2