Add option to Validate Backups as they are generated

Wallace Mwabini shared this idea 2 months ago


I'd like to recommend adding an option to validate/verify backups as they are created. Have seen many a times when the tar.gz files fail to extract. In cpanel servers, these files are sometimes created by cpanel backup feature itself, yet they become somehow corrupt and hence useless. Adding a feature to either validate the backups immediately they are generated or after the whole backup job completes would be useful. The admin would be notified via mail if backups in a particular cycle are corrupt. Most times accounts are so many for the admin to download and manually test using tar -xzf hence the need for such an automated solution within Jetbackup itself.

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Thanks for this query.

In case a file fails to extract it may be a bug.

JetBackup won't transfer the backup to the backup destination if the backup is not fully created.

Did you face those kinds of issues with JetBackup files? if does please open a support ticket and our team will further investigate it.