Add support for backup encryption

Guest shared this idea 3 years ago

As an administrator I want to encrypt all WHM account backups before they get sent to e.g. Dropbox.


- Generate a key for each file

- Encrypt the backup (AES256) with the generated key

- Save all keys in a file that gets encrypted with a public key and upload it to Dropbox too

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Thank you for submitting your feedback :)We will be reviewing it and update accordingly.


JetApps Team


This was implemented with the new GDPR mode.

Please see -


Although the GDPR implementation does support backup encryption, it does not resolve the feature request that was made. The feature request for the ability of the WHM administrator to encrypt all cPanel backups before they are sent off-site. As implemented, the WHM administrator would have to log onto each individual cPanel account, turn on encryption, set up a unique encryption key, and hope that the cPanel account holder did not go in an turn it off.

Also, this implementation forces an administrator who is not subject to GDPR to enable GDPR features just to get encrypted backups which are industry standard in the first place. They must create a GDPR user agreement, a GDPR privacy policy, a GDPR backup destination information, and setup backup jobs in the GDPR section instead of the "Backup Jobs" section. This may work great for people who are subject to GDPR but for those of us that are not subject to GDPR, it is totally unworkable.


Hi Mark Fischer,

I'm re-opening this request.

It is planned to implement encrypted backup regardless of GDPR in the next major JetBackup release.

Thanks for your contribution,

JetApps Team



3 months ago you wrote that JetApps Team have plans to implement encrypted backup regardless of GDPR in the next major JetBackup release.

3 months ago the version was v4.0.16 and the latest is v4.0.18 3 months later. But the encrypted backups regardless of GDPR was not implemented yet.

Do you have plans to implement this feature in the near future?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Choszos,

This new feature is planned for the next major JetBackup version - JetBackup 5.

JetBackup 5 is going to be a multi-panel version and will be tested on cPanel after testing it on other pannel.

Currently, we don't have ETA for it since it's in the early development stages.

Regards,JetApps Team