Add Support for DigitalOcean Spaces and Backup Destination

Maitreya Patni shared this idea 2 years ago
In Progress


Please add the support for Adding Backup Destination as DigitalOcean Spaces as it is a good alternative for Amazon S3 and provides same functionality as S3 and much lower and fixed monthly prices.

If Jetbackup simple permits that in region we give an alternate URL then it can also be worked.


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Thank you for submitting your feedback :)We will be reviewing it and update accordingly.


JetApps Team


Hi There,

Any update on this request ??


Hi Thovhakale Murendeni,

Thank you for your continued interest in this feature and support for JetBackup!

As you may know, our team has been hard at work developing our new core, JetBackup 5, which will be first introduced in JetBackup for DirectAdmin(public ALPHA release out now).

The initial release will prioritize getting the core functionalities and features stable and then build and integrate new features, including incremental Object Storage support and giving the community the tools to create custom destinations using our baselines and API. You will then be able to add these "community" destination plugins alongside our default destinations, wherein DO Spaces can definitely be one of them.

Once it reaches the STABLE tier, our team will begin porting this core over new and currently supported panels and platforms, including cPanel.

We'd like to thank you again for your continued support in our products and please stay tuned for updates regarding the next major JetBackup releases!

Highest Regards,

Anton, JetApps Team.