Add support for Wasabi

Ray Baron shared this idea 12 months ago
Under Consideration

Wasabi it 100% compatible with S3 so it would take only minor changes to port the S3 module to Wasabi.

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Thank you for submitting your feedback :)We will be reviewing it and update accordingly.


JetApps Team


I want to second this request. It's a very cost effective object storage service. But much more reliable than Backblaze B3. They seem to have full compatibility with the Amazon S3 API. That should make this very easy to implement.

Perhaps you can support S3 Compatible services in general, by allowing us to specify the s3 endpoint manually. That would enable you to support quite a large number of object storage services. Wasabi, Digital Ocean Spaces, Openstack Swift?, etc... Not all platforms share full feature parity with the S3 API, so that might take a little extra work compared to simply supporting Wasabi though.

This is already an option with built-in cpanel backup:



Add another vote for this! It would be so easy to implement this the way cPanel did so that we can use just about any S3 API compatible storage company. Amazon is not the value leader anymore. It would take you guys what, a day to implement something like this?