Allow Web Hosting Providers To Resell Backup Storage Accounts Using JetBackup/WHMCS

HostXNow shared this idea 21 months ago
Under Consideration


I notice you have but that only allows hosting provider to backup customer's website which means the customer also keeps their backups with the same provider. It would be better if a hosting customer could back up their cPanel accounts to any provider using JetBackup/WHMCS. The customer could simply go to a different provider and signup for a backup storage account and they enter their login details to any cPanel or cPanel accounts (if they are a Reseller) and then it will back up all their data from one provider to a different provider for extra peace of mind.

Using JetBackup API/cPanel/WHM/WHMCS, a provider can then offer a service like this ?

This can be done by using but not precisely what I mean. I am more after WHMCS software that can do what can do.



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Thank you for submitting this.

Currently, JetBackup WHMCS is a plugin for WHMCS that interact with the client WHM->JetBbackup (and not directly the clients cPanel), so it won't support your request at this moment.

Anyway, I will change this request status to "Under Consideration" for a case we decide to build an independent WHMCS plugin.

Thank you,

Ofir, JetApps Team.

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