Backups Retention on differents plans

JG shared this idea 2 years ago
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Hello there

A nice feature would be able to configure different retention policies depending on the plan purchased by the client.

An example:

Plan A has 7 retention days

Plan B has 15 retentions days.


This feature would be related with the WHMCS module.


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You can already do that -

Create a backup job & assign it to cPanel package

For example -

Backup job 1 - 7 Retentions - cPanel Package "Basic"

Backup job 2 - 14 Retentions - cPanel Package "Advanced"

All users under the "basic" plan will be backed up using job 1

All users under "Advanced" plan will be backed up using job 2

Users can easily upgrade/downgrade plans using WHMCS

Hope it helps :)