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Sue Young shared this idea 11 months ago
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We were testing JetBackup and were backing up a large account (about 29 GB) every hour. We decided to stop the backup and disable it so that it wouldn’t conflict with the cPanel backup we had scheduled. Two hours after we stoped the backup we noticed that our server disk usages is still around 77% up from normally being about 52%. Looking in /usr/local/jetapps/usr/jetbackup/workspace/usersdata we found a 29GB archive file and a directory with the account name. When I contacted customer support the reply was:"Please take a note that generally the files inside workspace directory will be removed once the backup gets transferred, but as you forcefully killed/stopped the backup then the last "recent" users backup will remain there.

Either you will need to remove it manually or it will be removed automatically on next job run"

The programming should take care of this automatically when a job is cancelled/stopped. The program should not leave anything orphaned on the server. (We do database programming here and this is one of the things we are careful to watch for). Even if it is removed the next time you run the program the orphaned files are taking up resources and depending on the size of this orphan could cause problems on the server.

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Thank you for the feedback.

JetBackup has a daily cleanup for canceled/stopped/aborted backup jobs.

This cleanup run once a day at 1:00AM (if not changed).


JetApps Team.