Different Value of orphan backups

dion adi shared this idea 2 years ago

i have idea for next jetbackup feature.

my idea is about "days to keep orphan backups".

Why you don't create orphan backups which has different value for each job.

This purpose is good if have multi destination of backup server. Each destination have different backup scenario.


backup server in same datacenter. I will fill 1 day or 0 day for orphan backups. So if server crash , i will restore backup from backup server in same datacenter for fastest conection and restore.

I also will not be frustated searching which user not registered in billing after restore server one by one, becasue i fill 0 days for orphan backups configuration.

Then, backup server with different country or different datacenter. I will fill orphan backups values as many as i want as long as i still have big free capacity. So some day, if my client ask backup files of his cpanel account which has been terminated 2 months ago, i can restore it from backup server.

Believe me, saving orphan backups for long time as long as we can, will increase trust from client. Client will think that we have powerfull backup system which can save client files for long time.

we will not need fast connection of backup server in different datacenter because not all client want to restore old files which have been terminated more than 1 month.

The big problem if configure orphan backups for long days, when server crash i must restore all backup included orphan backups files. So i must search one by one accounts which is not active. This will make frustate and lost much time if have hundreds orphan backups accounts.

i think this will be good feature for Jetbackup.

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Just to make sure I completely understand - The issue basically that in case of a disaster recovery (full server restore) you don't know which account was previously orphan and all accounts are restored.

So we need to think of a way to "flag" them when restoring from a disaster.

Does this make sense ?




yes, correct.

When restoring from disaster, we need know which account should be restored and kept in backup server.

Sometimes client ask their data and request to restore his account although it has beed terminated a month ago. If i can restore it successfully, this can increase trust from my customer.

But you are right, the problem when restoring from disaster. Big value of Orphan backup make problem.

Thank you


I think this is a really important feature to have.

When restoring in a disaster recovery situation, there needs to be a way to toggle between "Active" account and "Orphan" accounts, otherwise all of the orphaned accounts are going to be restored as well.


implemented in 3.2.6