Hide menu in user cpanel when certain permission is disabled in Jedbackup settings

Kristian Clarito shared this idea 2 years ago
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In Permission > cPanel Permission

If the permission to view is set to No or Never, the menu for that in the User cPanel should be hidden.


User can view Cron Job account Backups is set to No or Never, the Cron Job Backups menu in the user cPanel should be hidden.

At the moment, if I click the Cron Job Backups in cpanel and the view permission is disabled, I only loads blank page.

This gives negative interpretation to hosting customers. They might think that, we, as a hosting provider, is not creating backing up because there is menu but when clicked, the page is blank. They might also think that its a broken page because the page is blank.

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You can remove the JetBackup icon\icons globally (for all cpanel users) from WHM->Feature Manager.

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