Jetbackup for Plesk linux

Netto shared this idea 6 months ago

Due to the change in the cPanel license model, many host companies will use plesk. That said, many would like to be able to use jetbackup on plesk for linux.

Please consider

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Hi Netto,

This definitely something that we may consider.

Thanks for this reqeust.



Just a follow up to update on our progress and roadmap ahead...

As you may have noted, "JetBackup for Linux" was just released. This will be used as a basic foundation for other control panel implementation.

Our next step will be to design the core & tools for "Control panel implementation" (any control panel). Once we are there, we should be able to release full developers tools & documentation allowing any control panel to interact with JetBackup.

We will probably need some help from Plesk developers with that making it easier and faster.

Stay tuned! :)


Just wanted to send a post that this would be great. We have converted servers over to DA and Plesk from cPanel and want to continue offering JetApps and JetBackup offerings.