Jetbackup Management console charged by number of servers

Hsieh James shared this idea 9 months ago


I check this new product, and it's pricing, it's quite expensive for us, we only have like 5 or 6 servers using jetbackup.

Is it possible that you level the pricing like :

Under 10 servers, 9 USD

Above 10 servers, add 1 USD per server

Thus, more small company can enjoy this feature and maybe eventually you will receive more than you expected.

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Thank you for sharing your feedback, we appreciate your business.

While we do consider volume pricing, or any other solution for smaller clients, We just introduced a major discount for the Management Console, more details here ->

Thanks :)

JetApps team.


Saw that already, but 19.9/M is still higher than expected, in the case for just a few servers.