Mass deployment of configuration changes via Jetbackup MC

Jamie Penner shared this idea 8 months ago

Would like to see the ability to deploy configuration changes across multiple servers from Jetbackup MC from a single screen instead of having to remotely log into each server.

For example, if I wanted to change cPanel permissions on certain servers, I could do it from the MC interface once and have it deploy to all selected servers.

or as another example, make changes to the Job Monitor on all or certain servers in backups... It could be done in one place and deployed across the board.

Certain things like backup Destination or login details that might be very server specific could be omitted from being to centrally deploy.

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Current JetBackupMC is released as "EDGE" and has a limited feature set.

This version provides a visual "Job Optimizer" as its main feature along with information gathered from remote servers. It also allows quick login to any JetBackup instance and its management.

We plan on adding the suggested features and even more to JetBackupMC on our next releases. We are taking one step at a time, securely building robust software.

With time we should see more and more features added. Eventually, it will let you accomplish almost anything with a click of a button.

Unforchenetly though, this process takes time. The progress is not as fast as we'd like it to be. There are a lot of variables to take into account when adding new features.