more backup job scenario

dion adi shared this idea 2 years ago

Please, make more flexible scenario for backup jobs.


- create backup for account which is suspend only. So we can backup with compression all unused cpanel account to cheaper storage like amazon, google or another cheap cloud storage services. We know that backup using compression to cloud storage can make performance issue to cpanel server. Then, jetbackup can delete backup files of suspended accounts in server backup with incremental scenario, and we can smile because can save users file longer with cheap cost.

- Create backup for hourly backup for new cpanel account which is created under 24 jam. We know that, drive can fail anytime. If new account just upload his important file and jetbackup not yet backup his file on daily backup periode, this can reduce trust to hosting provider if we lost his files. May be some day, if jetbackup can provide realtime rsync backup, we can do this scenario for new cpanel account to increase safety.

it's just samples, we hope jetbackup can create more scenario for backup jobs.

we hope this can give jetbackup team ideas to develop backup scenario and increase jetbackup flexibility.

warm regards

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Hi ;-)

Thanks for bringing up these ideas, our team will check it up.

Please take the time to check out our change log:




Our new filtering & smart scheduling introduced in JetBackup v4+ should adress these issues.

Please see -

Thanks !