Multiple backup destinations for same backup

Jonas shared this idea 13 months ago

I would like it to be possible to add multiple backup destinations for the same backup job.

As of now you have to duplicate the backup job and therefor the backup is run twice taking unnecessary resources from the server.

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Thank you for your feedback :)

This feature is already planned for future JetBackup releases.

We will update you accordingly.


JetApss team.


Hello Everyone,

Thanks for your patience and feedback!

The JetApps team is proud to announce that support for Multiple Destinations on a single Backup Job is now included in JetBackup 5 which is currently available in EDGE tier.

For more information regarding our JetBackup 5 - EDGE Tier release, relevant warnings, additional details, and steps for getting started with a trial license, please check our official announcement at

The EDGE release of JetBackup 5 comes with a FREE 10-Day Trial for all new installations.

Your feedback will not only help our team identify bugs and release fixes much faster, but also helps us in improving JetBackup towards a stable release version!

We look forward to hearing from you and the community as we continue the development of JetBackup 5.


JetApps Team