MySQL: Retry DB dump if dump failed for an account

George Patterson shared this idea 5 months ago
Under Consideration

We have noted that the JetBackup will skip an account if the mysql connection "goes away". Instead it would be better for JetBackup to retry a couple of times.

Jetbackup version: 4.0.16-1 (Beta Tier)

Example entry from the backup log

[20 August 2019 05:33:30 PM +1000] Account "account"

[20 August 2019 05:33:30 PM +1000]

[20 August 2019 05:33:30 PM +1000] Account 80 of 101

[20 August 2019 05:33:30 PM +1000] [ERROR] Skipping Account - MySQL server has gone away

[20 August 2019 05:33:30 PM +1000] Executing onBackupAccountEnd Hooks...

[20 August 2019 05:33:30 PM +1000] onBackupAccountEnd Hooks Done

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Hi George,

The "MySQL server has gone away" issue has been patched with the latest update for 4.0.16.

With that said, our team will review your request for a database dump retry feature and update

here accordingly.

Best Regards,

JetApps Team.


Yes, That seems to be the case. We have had a failing JetBackup for the same account for a few weeks. That seems to have been resolved with 4.0.16-5.

I will be looking forward to the database dump retry feature.

Thanks for the Update.



We have a similar problem in 4.0.16:

[04 September 2019 04:02:16 AM -0400] Databases

[04 September 2019 04:02:16 AM -0400] Grabbing...

[04 September 2019 04:02:16 AM -0400] Dumping Database '*****_wp' (Engine: MySQL)...FAILED

[04 September 2019 04:02:16 AM -0400] [ERROR] mysqldump: Got error: 2002: "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)" when trying to connect

That was #53 of 100+ accounts and the only one to have an issue. We suspect that MySQL was restarting as part of a cPanel update at that exact moment. A delay/retry seems like a good idea here; clean MariaDB restarts are relatively quick, but a hard crash can take quite some time. I'd be inclined to wait at most 60 seconds before skipping the account's databases and moving on.