mysqldump exclude specific tables with --ignore-table

Justin shared this idea 6 months ago
Under Consideration

add the option for mysqldump '--ignore-table'

We find a fair amount of database that contains table that are quite large, usually tables that contains logs or cache. Example:

1.5G /var/lib/mysql/db/phpbb_search_wordmatch.MYI

216M /var/lib/mysql/db/phpbb_search_wordmatch.MYD

Almost 2GB for a table that can easily be rebuilt if lost.

305M /var/lib/mysql/db/cache_render.ibd

589M /var/lib/mysql/db/cache_dynamic_page_cache.ibd

953M /var/lib/mysql/db/cache_page.ibd

Another 2GB~ in tables that can be rebuilt if lost.

There is no wildcard ability with --ignore-table but if we could specify to exclude these tables globally and individually would be nice.

It would also be nice if we could specify a wildcard primarily because of prefixes so while mysqldump doesn't support it you could basically check the tables first, if there is a match then add --ignore-table for each table that matches.

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