Overview of slowest accounts from backup jobs

AB shared this idea 52 days ago
Under Consideration

It would be great to see which "culprit accounts" are causing my backup jobs to process the longest so that I have a quick way to monitor and see which accounts to further investigate maybe even have a break down of how long each part of the backup process took to help further narrow it down.

I know that the backup logs do have "time spent" logged for each account but you could imagine that parsing through logs for each account on multiple servers is not really a viable option.

Having a top 10 list on the dashboard of accounts that takes the longest to backup with the relevant analytics would be very helpful. Something to the effect of "Account A took X hours to process" then maybe some analytics may pop up when hovering/clicking on the list.

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Thank you for submitting this request.

We will definitely consider this for future JetBackup or MC versions.

Best Regards.