Replace cPanel JetBackup section with a single icon

Mike shared this idea 2 years ago

We should be able to (optionally) replace the cPanel backup section with a single icon which enters the JetBackup page, as the JetBackup section does take up a lot of space currently for something which shouldn't be used too often.

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Love it. Too many Icons.



Could someone from JetApps comment on why this suggestion has been declined?

It's just so unnecessary to have a large block of icons dedicated to JetBackup at the top of cPanel. It makes the cPanel UX even worse and ruins an otherwise great interface for JetBackup. I'd love to know the reason for this being flat out declined without any kind of response, especially with the number of votes and favourites on the comment before mine.

Looking forward to an update on this one.


Hey guys,

Just a follow up to update & clarify ...

We first declined this because of the overhead of managing two templates. Once for the "box", and one for the "stand alone version".

We think we find a nice workaround when we will install both versions all the time, only that the "stand alone" version will be disabled by default. Note that you will need to manually enable it.

We will update here if & when we will have a full POC.

Thanks :)




This is now milestoned to version 3.2.6