Report data on file changes, additions and deletions

Jo Stonehouse shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

We have a feature request that I hope you may consider.

Many of our customers use CodeGuard's solution because it provides one key advantage - change alerts. I suspect this advantage could be built into JetBackup and become a killer feature.

When each backup runs, CodeGuard identifies:

  • The number of changed files
  • The number of new files
  • The number of deleted files

You are able to drill into each backup and see which files were added, changed or deleted in that particular snapshot. It's incredibly useful to help identify whats changed and which backup you may need to restore from.

If this could be integrated into JetBackup it would be incredibly useful. Just the other day we had a customer who needed to restore but didn't have any idea which backup to restore from. We had to go through and help identify this. If it were possible to see at a glance when files had changed, you'd have a much better idea at which point:-

  • You made a significant update
  • Your site may have been hacked or compromised by a file injection

And so on.

I think in terms of implementing it would be useful to split into 3 stages in order of simplicity:

1) Just general overview of changed, modified and deleted files.

2) Ability to drill down into those changes.

3) Ability to set up notifications about changes. That way you may be able to get notified when something major has changed.

It may be necessary to exclude certain things (especially if notifications is enabled) so that things which will change each day (like cache directories, email directories etc.) are not specifically counted. This will mainly be useful for web files.

Do you think this may be something that may be possible? Interested to know your thoughts.

I know that cPanel are working a lot on enhancing their own backup system and so something like this may help you keep ahead of their development curve.

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Hi Jo,

Thank you for the great idea.

With our current roadmap, this will be possible only after our planned JetBackup 4 launch.

I am changing this into "Under consideration" and adding a reference to this thread inside our GIT.

Will update if & when :)




It would be great to see file changes without external programs. In case of system failure or virus. Should most customers want to know which files have been changed or deleted. If you know this, you can easily troubleshoot.

So a log of all changes and sizes of files is very good. A feature with checksum on the files and we have a built-in security application. Imagine this, system administrators dream come true on all types of systems. Why not as an event tree or timeline in the future.


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