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Stephen Pienaar shared this idea 5 months ago
Under Consideration

Customers and resellers can download backups in WHM and cPanel, which is great. But they cannot upload such backups to the server and restore them. The server admin can use the manual procedure:



  • Add an "Upload" function in WHM and cPanel to load a local backup (created with either JetBackup or cPanel) to the snapshot location.
  • Add the ability to then restore such a backup. (I think there JetBackup can do everything required already.)

How is this helpful:

  • Makes downloaded backups more useful in the hands of resellers and customers.
  • Makes it possible for resellers and customers to easily migrate from another cPanel server by restore full backups generated by either JetBackup or cPanel.

Thanks for your consideration!

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Hi Stephen,

Thank you for submitting your feature request :) We will be discussing your request with our developers to consider implementing on a future JetBackup release and update here accordingly.

Best Regards,

Anton, JetApps Team


I think all customers will use this feature, please add him.

Thank you very much!


Thats a crucial feature for an backup tool, to get the backups up and running, and should therefore implemented, IMHO. thx


Thank you for the feedback and the vote johannes1080!

Just to share an update to everyone, we understand the convenience and flexibility this feature can provide to our users. our main concern/consideration at this time is that we have to account for the security risks this may potentially introduce as it gives end-users the ability to upload backups that may have been compromised/infected and that JetBackup does not currently have the capability to validate the integrity of backups being uploaded. With that said, we will be promptly providing updates as soon as we find a feasible solution.

Please don't hesitate to let us know if there's something we haven't considered or missed.

Thank You,

Anton, JetApps Team.