Validate the integrity of the backups

David M. shared this idea 7 months ago
Under Consideration


JetBackup need add the most important feature in this systems: validate the integrity of the backups.

The backups system need check if the backups are correctly after create him. The other backups system do this always (i not will write her name for not do spam).

Please, priorize this feature, with him we will have tranquility. We cannot do backups 1 year and when we will restore account find problems or errors.

Thank you!

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Thank you David for your feature request.

Our developers are looking into implementing backup validation/integrity checks for future JetBackup releases and will provide updates for this feature on this thread accordingly.

Best Regards,

Anton, JetApps Team.


Thank you very much. This is essential feature and all backups systems have him, we need more tranquility when create automatic backups.