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OneDrive Backup

Under Consideration Neven JetBackup Comments: 3 Reply 5 days ago by Reyazul M.
5 votes

Support for Direct Admin

In Progress Anthony S. JetBackup Comments: 89 Reply 12 days ago by JetApps R.
68 votes

Overview of slowest accounts from backup jobs

Under Consideration AB JetBackup Comments: 1 Reply 12 days ago by JetApps R.
4 votes

Restore folder without overwriting files

Under Consideration Alex V. JetBackup Comments: 5 Reply 13 days ago by Banu A.
41 votes

Support for CyberPanel

Under Consideration Imagina JetBackup Comments: 3 Reply 21 days ago by JetApps R.
2 votes

Add support for CWP

Under Consideration Eddah N. JetBackup Comments: 7 Reply 47 days ago by Jose P.
6 votes

Possibility to edit a running backup job

In Progress Martin JetBackup Comments: 5 Reply 48 days ago by JetApps R.
6 votes
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