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Exclude from exclude list

In Progress Loadfactor JetBackup Comments: 1 Reply 2 hours ago by JetApps R.
1 vote

Date format

Completed Kamil S. JetBackup Comments: 3 Reply 33 hours ago by Sam h.
14 votes

Validate the integrity of the backups

Under Consideration David M. JetBackup Comments: 2 Reply 6 days ago by David M.
1 vote

Upload and restore backup

Under Consideration Stephen P. JetBackup Comments: 2 Reply 7 days ago by David M.
3 votes

Support for Google Cloud Storage destination

Under Consideration Mike JetBackup Comments: 10 Reply 7 days ago by Cody R.
155 votes

Support for Direct Admin

Needs feedback Anthony S. JetBackup Comments: 132 Reply 12 days ago by JetApps R.
73 votes
47 votes

Support for Debian / Ubuntu

New JetApps A. 21 days ago JetBackup No Comments
1 vote

Parallel gzip with pigz

Under Consideration Javier L. JetBackup Comments: 2 Reply 22 days ago by Link O.
3 votes
1 vote
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