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Support for Direct Admin

In Progress Anthony S. JetBackup Comments: 43 Reply 6 days ago by johannes1080
51 votes

Jetbackup for Plesk linux

Under Consideration Netto JetBackup Comments: 3 Reply 7 days ago by Streamer C.
3 votes

Add S3 API generic destination (Softlayer, Bluemix, etc)

Under Consideration Guest JetBackup Comments: 8 Reply 12 days ago by Charles C.
97 votes

Add support for CWP

Under Consideration Eddah N. JetBackup Comments: 5 Reply 19 days ago by JetApps R.
4 votes

Add support for backup encryption

Planned Guest JetBackup Comments: 4 Reply 21 days ago by JetApps R.
80 votes

Downloads section

Under Consideration Shlomi R. JetBackup Comments: 1 Reply 4 days ago by JetApps R.
1 vote

Partial export/import of configuration

Under Consideration Alejandro JetBackup Comments: 3 Reply 31 days ago by JetApps R.
25 votes

Parallel gzip with pigz

Under Consideration Javier L. JetBackup Comments: 1 Reply 21 days ago by JetApps R.
2 votes

Central backup management

Completed Mike JetBackup Comments: 13 Reply 41 days ago by Andy
79 votes
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