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Hetzner Storage Box Support - SSH

Completed Dennis N. JetBackup Comments: 30 Reply 24 days ago by Dennis N.
78 votes

Option to backup databases directly over SSH

Under Consideration Will D. JetBackup Comments: 2 Reply 3 days ago by Will D.
1 vote

Support for Debian / Ubuntu

Under Consideration JetApps A. JetBackup Comments: 3 Reply 39 days ago by JetApps R.
4 votes

Support for Direct Admin

Needs feedback Anthony S. JetBackup Comments: 137 Reply 51 days ago by JetApps R.
78 votes

cPanel WordPress ToolKit Integration

Under Consideration Steve JetBackup Comments: 1 Reply 3 days ago by JetApps R.
1 vote

Performance Benchmarking for Destination

Under Consideration Dennis N. JetBackup 5 (Preview) Comments: 1 Reply 2 days ago by JetApps R.
1 vote

Ability to change log directory

Under Consideration aristoplez JetBackup Management Console Comments: 1 Reply 17 days ago by JetApps R.
2 votes

Parallel gzip with pigz

Under Consideration Javier L. JetBackup Comments: 2 Reply 6 months ago by Link O.
5 votes

windows ftp

Under Consideration Andres W. JetBackup Comments: 1 Reply 15 days ago by JetApps R.
1 vote

Add support for backup encryption

Completed Guest JetBackup Comments: 9 Reply 4 days ago by Mike
83 votes
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